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We’re a global community of forward-thinking people who value innovation, communication, and productivity. We love exploring new technologies and building great products, while working remotely all over the world.

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As long as contractors can work in our clients' time zones, we know you can do your best work, wherever you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a potential candidate for BetterEngineer?
We are looking for software engineers who are passionate about problem-solving with new technologies. [Create a profile] today and see if you have what it takes to be a part of BetterEngineer.
Do I need a visa to work for BetterEngineer?
BetterEngineer jobs are fully remote, so you work where you live. Most of the companies we work with are based in the US, but our engineers are globally diverse.
What is the screening/interviewing process like?
The BetterEngineer screening process has several steps. Once you [create a profile], our recruiting team will review your qualifications and send eligible engineers a series of screening questions. Then you will undergo some online tech assessments and coding challenges, as well as cultural and technical interviews with our team. Once we understand your abilities and interests, then we will consider you for our better opportunities and find the right match for you. Once we know that you can deliver, there will be a standard interview process with the hiring teams for opportunities that are available.
Do I need to have experience to join the BetterEngineer network?
BetterEngineer has opportunities for accomplished, senior software engineers who can provide value to a distributed development team. You must have several years of coding experience, and it is helpful to have a CS degree or similar. We do not work with entry-level developers, although we hope that they will work hard to gain the skills needed to work with BetterEngineer in the future.
Do I need to speak English to work for BetterEngineer?
Communication is an important quality for BetterEngineer. The companies we work with are mostly based in the US and Canada, so you must have a strong level of English-language ability. We use a 5-level assessment for English skills: Candidates must meet either Fluent/Native, Advanced, or Professional level to join our network.
What is the payment process like?
Get paid more, in US dollars! All hours worked are logged and contractors submit monthly invoices. We pay each month via wire transfer (ACH), or Payoneer, and invoices are generally processed within the first two days of the month.
What do I need to do to join the BetterEngineer network?
[Create a profile today] to get started!